Ballooning, like most outdoor activities, involves a certain amount of risk. Bumpy landings are possible. Therefore there are a few requirements we ask you to observe. High heels, sandals and open toed shoes are not permitted. If you are pregnant, postpone your flight plans until after the baby arrives. Our passenger baskets have high sides so everyone must be able to climb in and out, a step is provided. Normal agility is required. Aircraft are weight sensitive so please be honest about your weight when asked. We are required to know. In humid weather, small amounts of water may condense from the burner, so please wear old clothes.

Any health conditions should be discussed with us before scheduling. Your physician can advise you regarding your limitations.

ALL passengers are required to sign the following forms:
1. Release and Assumption of Risk
2. Preflight Landing instructions

Please read the forms, print them, sign them and bring them along for your flight. Each person needs to prepare separate forms.

The forms are available in .pdf format. These files are viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader; this program can be downloaded at